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Don’t Let Bone Loss Keep You from Smiling

Prepare for Your New Teeth with Bone Grafting

Missing teeth can make eating and speaking difficult, and social interaction awkward. Beyond functionality and appearance, missing teeth can create another underlying issue: bone loss. Without teeth to provide normal stimulation to your jawbone, you will eventually begin to lose bone from your jaw. This will distort your natural facial features and make getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth more difficult. With bone grafting and related procedures, Dr. Marcus Blue can alleviate all these problems right in one convenient office in Basalt, CO.

Bone Grafting

When you don’t have sufficient bone to support a dental implant, Dr. Blue can take a small piece of bone from another part of your own body, or from a donor source, and using great skill and precision, transplant it into the affected area of your mouth. Over time, this bone grafting material will join with the existing bone and become a permanent part of your jaw. After you’re done healing—generally within a few months—you can return to have your dental implants placed and get back on the path to enjoying all the benefits of having a complete set of teeth!

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See the Benefits of Bone Grafting for Yourself

  • Replace the lost bone you need for implant placement
  • Help rebuild your natural jaw line
  • Maintain your facial structure
  • Preserve your bite occlusion
  • Hinder further bone loss in your jaw
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Sinus Lift

Patients who are missing teeth in their upper molar area may have inadequate bone to support dental implants due to the sinus cavity residing just above these teeth. We can perform sinus lift bone grafting surgery to access this location. During a sinus lift, we will gently raise the sinus membrane and add in bone grafting material to create adequate volume for dental implant placement. This is a very delicate and complex procedure, which is best performed by our experienced periodontist to ensure successful results and no damage to the sinus membrane.

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Ridge Augmentation

When you have missing teeth, the bone and gums around the socket may deteriorate, creating an unsightly indentation and causing adjacent teeth to shift out of place. Ridge augmentation can help correct this and restore your gum line’s natural appearance. Dr. Blue not only performs ridge augmentations, he pioneered an effective new ridge expansion technique that you can only get here at our Basalt, CO office.

Explore Your Bone Grafting Options

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