Restore the Focus of Your Smile

Gummy Smile??

You’ve got two rows of beautiful, healthy teeth, but you’re still not satisfied with your smile. The truth is, teeth only play one part in a beautiful smile. The tooth-to-gum ratio, or how much is actually seen, is also a major factor. If you have too much gum or don’t like the way your smile looks, you may not smile much regardless of the condition of your teeth. Dr. Marcus Blue can help by performing a procedure called crown lengthening. After crown lengthening, you’ll enjoy:

  • A better tooth-to-gum ratio
  • A reduced risk of tooth decay and disease
  • A confident new smile you’ll be eager to show off!

Discover How Crown Lengthening Works

By recontouring the shape and extent of your gum line, you will be able to achieve and get the smile you’ve always idealized and wanted. Schedule a consult and we can find out the best treatment for you.

Crown Lengthening

Soft tissue recontouring is a safe and effective procedure that can create a better balance that’s not only esthetically pleasing, but that can also improve the overall health of your teeth by enabling deeper cleaning, better contours, or preparing your teeth for orthodontic treatment. Crown lengthening can typically be completed in just one visit.

gummy smile before

A Balanced Smile Is a Beautiful Smile!

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