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Meet Dr. Blue

Marcus J. Blue, DDS

Helping to establish the first permanent full periodontal practices in the Roaring Fork Valley, Dr. Marcus Blue is located in the heart of the valley in downtown Basalt. Working closely with your general dentist, Dr. Blue helps to ensure that you understand all of your treatment possibilities, and to create a positive, realistic treatment outcome. This is aided by utilization of a state-of-the-art Cone Beam CT scanner located in the office providing full 3-D reconstruction, which becomes essential in standard of care treatment planning. Time is always taken to communicate all of the patient’s treatment options and to help guide the patient in determining which avenue best suits his/her case.

Dr. Marcus Blue is a board-eligible member of the American Academy of Periodontology and American Dental Association. Dr. Marcus Blue is originally from just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. He attended Harding University where he majored in Organic and Biochemistry. A published author in current periodontal journals, Dr. Blue has helped pioneer innovative and progressive techniques specializing in bone regeneration. Attending the University of Missouri School of Dentistry — Kansas City, Dr. Blue then stayed to pursue a career and specialty in Periodontics in the Advanced Education of Periodontics residency program. His practice now encompasses full therapeutic periodontics, implantology, and sinus augmentation procedures to name a few.


Dr. Blue has lectured on dental implants, hard and soft tissue grafting procedures, cone-beam CT technology, intra-oral plastic surgery, and periodontal regeneration.

“With today’s current research and undeniable wealth of literature, periodontal health becomes one of complete necessity to your over-all well-being. Whether you are speaking of cardiovascular health, diabetic states, pregnancy, arthritis, or hormone replacement therapies (to name a few) — ALL have a systemic impact that can and will affect your over-all health. Therefore, it becomes imperative to not view the body as individual systems, rather — one body with many interconnected parts.”

Dr. Marcus Blue is an avid cyclist, runner, and skier.

“Having grown up coming to the mountains and learning to ski at Buttermilk — I was indeed a Powder Panda — it was never a question of IF I would live here one day, but WHEN…”

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