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Don’t Let Multiple Tooth Loss Discourage You

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Seek the Solution of Full Arch Dental Implants

When you have a full row of decayed, damaged, or missing teeth, you may endure difficulties eating, speaking, and laughing. But your concerns can go even deeper than that if your own facial appearance is making you unhappy. With the skill and dental artistry of Dr. Marcus Blue and our staff, you can have your distinctive facial features restored with permanent, natural-looking replacement teeth you’ll be eager to show off. A fully trained periodontist specializing in the treatment of a variety of gum- and bone-related diseases, Dr. Blue has the expertise and advanced technology to replace multiple teeth or even an entire row of teeth—top, bottom or both—with full arch dental implants, durable artificial teeth made to last a lifetime of normal use. A complete transformation awaits you right here in our Basalt, CO office!

How Do Full Arch Dental Implants Work?

Gain a Full Understanding of the Process

This first step in getting full arch dental implants is a one-on-one consultation. We’ll fully explain the procedure to you, answer any questions you may have, and personalize a treatment plan to suit your needs. You’ll walk away from that initial visit feeling completely comfortable with the process, and quite possibly exhilarated at the prospect of once again being able to eat, smile, and speak without worry.

Make Yourself Comfortable

We can begin to place your full arch dental implants as soon as your next appointment. While complex, this procedure is one Dr. Blue and our staff complete regularly, and have many satisfied patients to show for it. Complex doesn’t mean more discomfort. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you’re relaxed and pain-free throughout the procedure. Dr. Blue offers sedation dentistry, using oral sedation to ease any anxiety you may feel.

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Get Ready for Your Implants

If needed, the full arch dental implants procedure will start with any tooth extractions to make space for the implants. If you’ve suffered extensive bone loss in your jaw and require bone grafting before your full arch dental implants can be placed, Dr. Blue can provide that, sometimes during the same visit, depending on the number of implants you need. Every procedure is performed with the utmost care and concern for your comfort and health.

Meet Your New Teeth

We’ll insert two to eight dental implants, which resemble screws, into your jawbone and attach a temporary bridge. These provisional teeth will enable you to eat comfortably while the implants heal. In just a few months, the implants will become a permanent part of your jawbone. On your next visit, you’ll get your permanent restorations (crowns), and you’ll be ready to resume normal activities without worry for years to come!

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Consider the Alternative to Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are an acceptable substitute for missing teeth to some, but they’re prone to slipping, require special care, and may lead to gum irritation and infections. For many, they’re a less-than-ideal option. Full arch dental implants are the high-quality, permanent, and reliable solution that will reignite your confidence and require only the care you would give a real set of teeth. No more messy adhesives or other inconveniences to worry about!

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