Stop Gum Recession in Its Tracks

See Why You Might Require Gum Grafting

With gum recession the tissues surrounding the visible base of your teeth begin to move down, exposing the dentin, the yellow part of your teeth at the roots. This can result in issues from discomfort while eating to lost teeth. While you can prevent some of the causes of gum recession—for example, overly aggressive brushing—other factors such as heredity and even medications are generally beyond your control.

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Connective Tissue Graft

Take Great Care of Your Gums

Gums normally block bacteria from getting to your tooth roots. Without sufficient gums, as occurs during gum recession, you can suffer decay that leads to bone deterioration and further gum loss, and eventually start losing teeth. Don’t let this happen to your smile! Dr. Blue and our staff have the training and expertise to save your gums and restore your smile.

Reasons to Seek Treatment for Gum Recession

  • Exposed tooth roots
  • Sensitivity while eating, drinking, or brushing
  • Inflamed gum tissues
  • Uneven gum line, making some teeth look longer than others
  • Increase in cavities

The Innovative MIMS Technique

Dr. Blue pioneered the modified internal mattress sling (MIMS) gum grafting technique, which combines two existing suturing methods to render the sutures themselves virtually invisible. That means that even if Dr. Blue has to perform gum grafting in your smile zone—the area of your gums visible when you smile—no one will even know you have sutures!

recession on lower anterior teeth
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What causes gum recession