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Boost Your Quality of Life with Implant Supported Dentures

Put the Hassles of Removable Dentures Behind You

You’re enjoying a stimulating conversation with a friend when, without warning, your dentures slip. You quickly put them back, but you can’t escape the awkward and embarrassing feeling that goes with having others discover that you wear dentures. There’s certainly no shame in having dentures, but they’re something many people consider personal. Removable dentures cannot only easily slip while you’re speaking or eating, they often lead to gum irritations or infections. You also have to remove traditional dentures regularly to clean them. And then there are those messy adhesives! As an alternative to this once-favored options, we offer non-slip, secure implant supported dentures. This solution uses between two and eight dental implants to support a retrofitted denture. Because the denture is snapped onto the implants there is virtually no chance of it slipping, clicking or falling out.  

Discover How We Do It

We invite you to schedule a personalized consultation on dental implants and implant supported dentures, where we can fully explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have. From there we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan and schedule you for the initial procedure. As a periodontist, Dr. Blue has the specialized training and leading-edge technology needed to place your implant supported dentures and provide complete treatment for a variety of soft tissue and bone issues right here in our Basalt, CO location.

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See the Difference Implant Supported Dentures Make

Removable dentures have now been rendered practically obsolete by implant supported dentures, which can vastly improve your quality of life:

  • They enable you to eat, drink, laugh, speak, and smile with total confidence.
  • They’re permanently attached in your jawbone, just like natural teeth.
  • With proper care, they can last your lifetime.
  • They allow you to put away the adhesives for good.
  • They’ll help you maintain not just your oral health, but your overall health.

Complete Care from Start to Finish

We begin the actual dental implant procedure by accessing your jawbone through your gums and anchoring screw-like implants within the jawbone. Dr. Blue offers sedation dentistry, and can provide oral sedation or local anesthetic to ease your discomfort throughout the process. If you’ve suffered extensive bone loss in your jaw and require bone grafting, Dr. Blue may be able to complete that during the same visit. Any necessary tooth extractions  can generally be completed at the same time.

Dr. Marcus Blue Explain Results
Dr. Marcus Blue Procedure

See the Results You Desire

You’ll leave your appointment with provisional dentures that temporarily replace your missing teeth and enable you to eat and complete other activities normally. Once you return, you’ll have your permanent dentures placed. Dr. Blue uses his expertise to custom-fit your dentures so they’ll seamlessly integrate with your other teeth. Your implant supported dentures will look and function just like natural teeth, and with proper care they won’t loosen or fall out like removable dentures sometimes do. In fact, implant supported dentures can only be removed by a trained specialist like Dr. Blue.

Most importantly, they’ll change your life for the better!

Don’t Wait Any Longer

Find out if implant supported dentures are right for you. Come see us in our Basalt, CO office for a consultation.