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While the soft tissues of your mouth perform vital functions, they can sometimes get in the way of you living a normal, healthy life. Dr. Marcus Blue is proven in several of the most in-demand and crucial soft tissue treatment methods, including the gingivectomy and the frenectomy, both of which he performs right here in our Basalt, CO office. Rely on his expertise to help you achieve complete oral health and functionality.

Boost Your Gum Health with a Gingivectomy

Gum disease (gingivitis) can start slowly but may eventually lead to tooth loss and damaged, diseased gums. Fortunately, Dr. Blue can use his steady, skilled hand to excise the diseased portion of your gums, preventing the disease from spreading and restoring your gingival health and aesthetics. This indispensable procedure is known as a gingivectomy.

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When Soft Tissues Are Troublesome

Your frenula are the thinly stretched tissues that secure your upper lip to the gums above your upper teeth, and your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. You may have never really noticed how these soft tissues impact the way you eat and speak. If you’re one of the unfortunate people whose life is hindered by the frenula, however, you probably do notice them but wish you didn’t.

Free Your Voice with a Frenectomy

If you suffer from “tongue-tie,” or ankyloglossia, the frenulum beneath your tongue is too short, restricting your speech, and also potentially causing sleep apnea and poor dentition. “Lip-tie” is a condition in which the frenulum connected to your upper lip is too short, also causing a variety of problems with your oral functioning. By removing one or both of these troublesome pieces of tissue, Dr. Blue can restore natural, unrestricted movement to your mouth, allowing you to eat, speak, and even kiss without further difficulty! Let him make this a reality for you.

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